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Static Pressure Rebate Program

Is your air handling system short on flow capacity?
Is your air handling system low on static pressure?

We offer two great ways to bring back (rebate) static pressure in air handling systems.  Buy any applicable 5 Start Filtration product by CAMFIL, or install a UVC system for an air handling unit, and we will show you how you will get your static pressure back.  

Does this sound to good to be true?  Does it sound like a gimmick?  

The marketing plan is, for sure, a gimmick, but fortunately the savings and the "rebate" are real and we would be happy to demonstrate it for you at your facility.

Thanks for reading, and let us know if we can help bring your existing systems back to OEM (or better) performance.

Starting October 17th, 2012.

Suitable applications:
Air handling units with final filtration, e.g. units with 12 box or bag filters.

Air handling units with multiple stages of filtration. e.g. pleats and boxes.

Older air handling units with cooling coils.

Suitable customers:
Owners looking to save energy, be green, or regain AHU performance.
Owners looking to regain/increase cooling capacity.

EPSC or ESCO's looking for ECMs with a software model.

Plant managers looking to recover cooling capacity from chilled water systems.

Fine print:  There are indeed some cases where we cannot save you any static pressure.  Customers who are currently optimizing their air systems, or have already recovered the savings from UVC are not eligible for this offer.  This offer is not available for procurement departments, through GPO's, or through MRO Suppliers.

Static Pressure Rebate Program

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